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Time To Simplify….

I’ve been here four years, and it’s time to move on. Please join me over at Paper&Clouds, where I’ll be writing about everything from fabric and sewing to crafting and cooking to design and dreaming. I can’t wait.

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Kitchen Cure Update

Remember what my cupboard looked like last week?

I ran across this article in Real Simple and pulled myself from the couch and took 15 minutes to make it look like this.

Now I now what I have, how much I have and where it is. Amazing. And the best part? Nothing falls on my head when I open the cupboard doors. Marvelous! There’s still work to be done, and this was only week one of the Kitchen Cure. I’m heading to Ikea and the Container Store this weekend, so watch out! I’m gettin’ organized!

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Jen hosted pARTy the other night (more about that on the other blog in a couple days), and Jess from Fifth Lamp Down brought the most amazing Plum Tartlets. They were delicious and now I’m really craving more… I found this recipe for Plum Puff Dumplings on Food & Wine today and I think I’ll have to make it. Soon. Isn’t the photo beautiful?

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After last’s week post about the very mediocre Bean Burritos we made for Meatless Monday, Bree from meandmy2guys sent me a couple other meatless options. We made the first one last night. Tomatoes with Feta over Potato Gnocchi. It came together really quickly and was really, wonderfully, seasonally delicious.

Here are Bree’s instructions:

the pasta sauce:

a can of tomatoes and a spoon of tomato paste, or a bottle of passata
garlic clove chopped up
onion chopped up (red onion)

sautee the onion and garlic until softened, pour in the tomato puree/paste

simmer, stir in a spoonful of pesto (if desired).

(when you start to simmer it down, after you’ve put in the tomatoes – put in a generous lug of balsamic vinegar)

once it has reduced a bit toss in a handful of black olives (i leave the stones in)
and crumble in a good handful of feta.

simmer for a bit longer

cook your gnocchi (potato gnocchi is best)

once the gnocchi is cooked, drain and stir gently thru the sauce and add another handful of crumbled feta and stir (big crumbly bits not fine).  the feta should just be starting to melt when you serve it.

(and it’s really good the next day for lunch).

I changed things up just a bit. I used fresh tomatoes because, well, it’s that time of year and I had a big bowl staring me down. I also skipped the black olives. They’re not my favorite and thought there was enough going on. I also added some fresh basil, since again, it’s that time of year. It turned out a big runnier than expected, but I think that’s due to the fresh tomatoes.

So make this. On a monday or any day. We’re adding this to the make again pile. The sauce is delicious, and would work well on pasta or with slices of chicken sausage mixed in. Yum. Thanks, Bree,  A Huge Success!

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512 Posts

I just realized that is is my 512thPost. Really? Isn’t that insane? How did that happen? I know I’ve been doing this little thing for over 3 years, but that’s a lot of me just writing about little stuff. It also reminds me of why I started this little blog. I was going to be graduating with a degree in Creative Writing and was worried that I’d never write again. That I wouldn’t find make the time and I’d lose inspiration. Well, now I know I haven’t lost inspiration. In fact, having this little blog has actually lead me to more inspiration than I could have imagined! The blogging world is a busy one, full of amazing women (and a few men) that have more ideas and talent than I could every hope for.

Thank you to all of you amazing crafters, artists, bloggers and writers for keeping me inspired. Happy 512th Post to Me!

(The cupcake is from Bewiched. It’s Chocolate with Peanut Butter Frosting and a Homemade Pretzel on top. The perfect way to celebrate.)

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Don’t forget to visit my new blog, paper&clouds, here.

There’s something about a BLT that makes it just perfect for a hot summer day. Crisp bacon, soft lettuce (from my garden), juicy tomatoes (not yet from my garden, but soon), and toasted bread with a smear of Mayo. I can’t have a sandwich without the crunch of potato chips, and ripples are the best.

Speaking of lettuce, my crop is growing beautifully. Like, almost, too beautifully. If you need lettuce and live in the area please stop by and pick some. It’s out back near the alley. Looks like lettuce, it’s green, help yourself. Seriously.

What’s your favorite summer sandwich, and how is your garden doing?

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Well, I promised. And a promise is a promise. So here goes.

I’m changing things up. This blog, The Write Ingredients, is going back to it’s roots. It’s going back to Food. All about eating food, and cooking food, and exploring ingredients, local (and not-so-local) goodies, and chocolate. Because you have to have chocolate.

But, but, you say. But what about all the sewing and drawing and art fairs and all that stuff? Well, that’s moving to a new home. (This is where the drumroll comes in…). I’d like to introduce you to…

It’s my new blog which will host my creative endeavors, including paper goods, sewing fun, design (graphic and otherwise) and my dreams. I’m still working on the details, and the Etsy shop, but it’s all coming soon. (Like next week if I can get my %$$^ together).

So hang tight, add it to your reader, and I’ll see you after the 4th. Happy Celebrating!

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